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PM 89-02 Academic Calendar Guidelines

PM 89-02


President John A. Brownell


Guidelines for the Academic Calendar

[Supersedes PM 86-01]


Responsibility for the development of the academic calendar is assigned to the University Registrar and responsibility for approval of academic calendars is that of the Vice President, Academic Affairs.  The Academic Senate will review the calendar in a timely manner to react to pedagogical concerns to be reflected in the final calendar.


It shall be the practice of the university to maintain academic calendars at least two years ahead in order that members of the faculty and others may plan their schedules accordingly.  Each year, in October, a calendar is to be developed for the second year hence, thus maintaining a capability for planning.


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The academic calendar for CSU Dominguez Hills shall be developed in conformance with The California State University policies and procedures (Academic Affairs memorandum 79-08/ Faculty and Staff Affairs memorandum 79-20) and with primary attention to the educational needs of students.  The Statewide Nursing Program, which is still in the process of transition from self-support to state-support and from consortium-based status to campus-based status, will not be subject to these guidelines in their entirety, pending completion of study of the pedagogical differences inherent in the needs of that off-campus program from regular campus programs and the completion of discussions with appropriate CSU system authorities.  It shall be the responsibility of the University Registrar to devise the university’s academic calendar which is consistent with system policy and the university principles listed below.


The academic calendar for CSU Dominguez Hills will, to the maximum extent practicable, conform to the following principles:


  1. As mandated by state policy, “The typical academic year shall consist of 147 instructional days.  From year to year . . . a variation of plus or minus two days is permissible.”  This is exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays and the final examination period.

  2. The academic calendar shall have an equal number of instructional weeks in each semester.  Instructional days shall be evenly distributed across the week.

  3. A final examination period shall be scheduled within seven consecutive days.  The day of the final examination shall be a day of the week on which the class is scheduled.

  4. For fall semester, instruction shall begin as close to Labor Day as possible.  The last day of final examinations shall be no later than four days before Christmas.

  5. The spring semester shall begin in late January and be so configured that the final examination period will end before Memorial Day.

  6. There shall be a Monday-through-Saturday spring recess, normally falling in the week preceding Easter Sunday.

  7. The final date to add classes and the final date for late registration shall be the second Friday of instruction.


Due to the fluctuation of specific dates and, therefore, the fluctuating coincident days of the week declared as legal holidays, it may become necessary to alter the specific academic calendar within any given calendar year.  It shall, therefore, be the responsibility of the Vice President, Academic Affairs, to review and approve the proposed academic calendar as being substantially in conformance with the above principles.

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