PM 00-04  


President James E. Lyons, Sr.


Policy on Academic Assessment


Academic assessment at CSUDH is a multi-faceted process whose primary goals are to evaluate educational effectiveness, the teaching-learning continuum, and student learning, and to provide information for continuous improvement.  Specifically, it is a process based on inquiry and exploration as well as measurement to determine how well and in what ways individual units (Schools/College, divisions, departments, and programs) and the university are meeting their individual and collective mission and goals and supporting student success in meeting student goals.  It is an ongoing process required of academic units in the University and conducted by the faculty of each unit.  Assessment is part of the academic program review process and an integral part of planning.



Process for Plan Development


  1. Each unit will define its mission, goals, and objectives in a way that will answer these questions:

  1. Units will develop assessment plans that provide evidence of effectiveness within the context of their missions and stated goals.


  1. Units will identify and implement assessment measures to evaluate their programs and courses.


  1. Assessment plans will identify measures for student learning outcomes in addition to grades.


  1. Plans will include a timetable for implementation, with implementation to begin during the 2000-2001 academic year.


  1. All plans developed by units must include a method for assessing the planís implementation and for continuous review.



Plan implementation


  1. The Deans will have the responsibility of ensuring that each unit in the School/College develops and implements an assessment plan.


  1. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will have the responsibility for insuring that the Schools and the College of Arts and Sciences develop and implement an assessment plan, for providing resources for assessment activities including but not limited to ongoing faculty development, and for evaluating assessment effectiveness on a continuous basis.


The Educational Policies Committee, in consultation with the appropriate committees, will periodically review the Universityís Assessment Plan.