PM 02-01 


President James E. Lyons, Sr.


Educational Leave (Planned) Post Baccalaureate Student

[Supersedes PM]



Students who have classified post baccalaureate status receive the same educational leave privileges as other graduate students in the university.


University policy allows students to be out of attendance one term without losing continuing student status.  Any post baccalaureate student in good academic standing may request a Planned Graduate Student Leave; the purpose of the Planned Graduate Student Leave is to permit a student to be absent from regular attendance for an additional term.  Reasons for seeking a leave are likely to be varied, but all applicants should intend to return to formal study within a specified time period.


To apply for Planned Graduate Student Leaves, students must be conditionally classified or classified graduate students with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Application for the leave must be filed with the appropriate graduate coordinator before the first day of classes for the semester during which the leave is to begin, and should be accompanied by appropriate documentation.