PM 78-16 


President Donald R. Gerth




Responsibility for curricular planning and development and student advising in each undergraduate or graduate interdisciplinary program which offers courses leading toward a degree, but which does not constitute a teaching service area, is shared by a program committee and its chairperson.


The program committee consists of faculty who have a demonstrable professional or an instructional interest in the objectives of the program.  The size of the committee should be as small as is consistent with the needs of the program.  At least once every three years, the Vice President for Operations*, the Dean of the unit in which the program is located, two representatives from the Academic Senate (the chair of the Senate or the Chair of the Educational Policies Committee and the Parliamentarian) and the current chair of the interdisciplinary program committee will survey the university for faculty interested in serving on the committee.  The foregoing group, in consultation with the current program committee, will nominate the membership of the committee, attempting to achieve some degree of service staggering for continuity.  The Vice President for Operations* will make the final appointment by the end of the second week of the Spring Quarter**.


Members of the committee must have full-time appointments in the university and must have a minimum rank of instructor.  Lecturers may participate in the discussions of the committee, but may not participate in the selection of nominees for chairperson.


The program committee will nominate one of its members to serve as chairperson of the committee and program and transmit the name of the nominee to the pertinent school, college, or program dean for approval.  If a program committee and its dean cannot reach agreement on a mutually acceptable candidate, each may transmit a recommendation regarding that candidate to the Vice President for Operations*.  If the Vice President for Operations*, through consultation with the program committee and the dean, does not reach agreement on a mutually acceptable candidate, all three may transmit their recommendations regarding that candidate separately to the President.  If the program committee’s nomination is not acceptable to the President, he/she will refer it back to that committee and ask the committee, using its own nomination procedures, to elect another nominee.  The appointment by the President will be final.  Each Interdisciplinary Program Committee will stipulate a time for review of the chairperson within the framework of a two-year minimum and a four-year maximum.  Subsequent service may be for a shorter period of time.



* Currently, Vice President for Academic Affairs

**Currently, Spring Semester

The administrative functions of an interdisciplinary program and its chairperson consist primarily of the curricular and academic advising responsibilities for the interdisciplinary program.  In addition, the chairperson participates in the preparation of the class schedule and in providing information into the RTP process for faculty members who participate in significant and specific ways in the interdisciplinary program.