PM 78-30


President Donald R. Gerth


Eligibility for Consideration for Promotion


A faculty member may choose not to take advantage of his/her right to be considered for promotion when such consideration is otherwise mandatory.  To withdraw from consideration, the faculty member must withdraw in writing, and a copy of the withdrawal statement must become part of the RTP file.  The withdrawal statement must reach the file before any RTP evaluations have been initiated; consequently, such statements should be in the RTP file no later than the deadline established for submission of Supplementary Faculty Information Forms for Cycle IV in the RTP Calendar.


A faculty memberís withdrawal from consideration may not be used to alter his/her eligibility for election to RTP committees; in particular, the requirement that a faculty member eligible for promotion review not serve on an RTP committee will apply even if the faculty member requests withdrawal from consideration; also, a decision to withdraw from consideration shall not affect, either positively or negatively, future promotion decisions.