PM 79-07


David J. Karber, Vice President, Operations


Policy Regarding Student Teaching and Intern Assignments During Teacher Strikes

Or Work Stoppages or Other Disruptions at Public School Sites


In the event of a teacher strike or work stoppage at a school site where student teachers or interns are assigned, it will be the responsibility of the School of Education to contact student teachers and interns and have them report to the School of Education for instructions from university site coordinators.  Public School officials will be notified by site coordinators that students will not be on site during the strike or work stoppage.


During a strike or work stoppage situation, student teachers, under the supervision of university site coordinators, will engage in any or all of the following activities as alternatives to activities at the school involved with the strike:


            1)  Academic pursuits relative to their course of study;

            2)  Community projects that serve as support activities for student teaching;

            3)  Observation and/or participation in classrooms at another school site where no strike or work

                 stoppage is in progress.


In addition, it will be the responsibility of each student teacher to be in regular communication with his or her site coordinator to keep abreast of the situation.


Student teachers, interns, and employees of the university will be advised that they are not to participate in the strike situation in any fashion as representatives of California State University Dominguez Hills.


Should the strike situation continue for an extensive period of time, reassignment of student teachers will be made as necessary to ensure that minimum state and university student teaching requirements are met.  When reassignments are made, reimbursements to public school districts will be made on a prorated basis.


This policy would also apply if there were disruptions at a school site with a potential for violence involving issues other than employee management relations.