PM 79-22


President Donald R. Gerth


Interim Appointments


The Academic Senate has recommended a statement of principle for the making of interim appointments.  This statement is a reasonable and sound one, and indeed represents an approach which we have followed over time.  It is now incorporated into university policy as follows:


         In the absence of exigencies, appointments to interim administrative

positions, from a pool of candidates will follow, as much as is feasible,

procedures governing permanent appointments.


Typically interim administrative appointments are made for a period of time such that the normal processes for making an appointment following regular procedures can be employed during an academic year.  Particularly in the case of those appointments which are 12 months in nature, the breaking point on the calendar for interim appointments is typically August 31-September 1.  Interim administrative appointments are for the most part made only when time does not permit following procedures to be made for regular appointments, though there may be circumstances relating to the short nature of an appointment or some other factor not contemplated by our regular procedures, which would encourage the making of an interim appointment.


Interim administrative appointments of deans and others who have a comparable level of responsibility, and of vice presidents, are the responsibility of the president.  The president will consult in making an interim administrative appointment with the most relevant and available groups that are practical under the circumstances, acknowledging that there may be constraints of time.  Typically this would include the Committee on Administrative Appointments and Review* and/or those in a school or other comparable unit.


The responsibility for other interim administrative appointments is that of the Vice President for Operations**, and the Vice President similarly consults with those who would be most immediately affected by an interim administrative appointment, again following the most practical route possible.



  *This committee no longer exists

**Current title is Vice President for Administration and Finance