PM 80-15


President Donald R. Gerth


Special Minor


The Special Minor allows students to engage in individualized programs of instruction for their minor area.


Administration of the Special Minor is governed by the following additional guidelines:  1)  a student pursuing a Special Major may not also pursue a Special Minor; 2)  a special minor must contain at least 24 upper division quarter units*, at least 16 **of which must be taken after the proposal is approved.


A student who wishes to undertake such a program should contact a faculty advisor, either on his/her own or through the assistance of the Coordinator of Academic Advising***.  The student and the faculty advisor then prepare a proposal for a Special Minor program.  This proposal should include:  1)  a written statement giving reasons for pursuing the Special Minor in terms of academic and professional goals, and addressing how these goals may be best pursued in the Special Minor Program, and 2)  a tentative listing of courses and/or competencies which would, in the opinion of the student and the advisor, lead to the accomplishment of the stated goals.


The two-part proposal is then forwarded by the advisor to the appropriate Academic Dean(s), who appoint(s) one other faculty member from one of the studentís fields of interest to serve with the advisor as the Special Minor Committee.  The committee reviews and approves the two-part proposal and monitors the studentís progress in the Special Minor Program.  After the studentís committee approves the proposal, it is forwarded in succession to the Coordinator of Academic Advising***, to the appropriate Dean(s), and to the Vice President, Planning****  Upon approval, the proposal is returned to the Coordinator of Academic Advising*** and the student.



*          24 quarter hours = 15 semester hours, currently

**        16 quarter hours = 10 semester hours, currently

***      Current title is Director of the Advisement Center

****    Current title is Vice President for Academic Affairs