PM 80-19


President Donald R. Gerth


Curricular Review Procedures for Extended Education


I.        800 level courses:  offers professional credit in a given field.  It is non-academic

credit and does not apply towards a degree.


A. Courses submitted to the Division will be screened by the Program

         Administrators and/or the Director to determine whether the course is      

         appropriate for offering through the University Extension Program.


B. Courses deemed appropriate for inclusion in the Extension Program will be

             sent to the appropriate Dean and Chair, along with content outline and resume

             of the instructor for departmental consultation and for review and comments.


         C. Extended Education, in consultation with the School, will assign an appropriate

             course number.


D. Course proposal requests shall be sent to the Dean and Department Chair a

              minimum of 20 working days before the Bulletin goes to press.


E. Course proposal forms must be returned to Extended Education within 20

             working days for the comments to be considered before making a decision to



II.       900 level (CEU):  Continuing Education Units are a nationally recognized

measure of non-credit professionally relevant training.  They are used by a variety

of professional licensing boards for re-licensure requirements.  Course proposal

procedures for CEUs will follow steps I-A through E with the exception of real

estate courses, which are approved by the Chancellorís Office.


III       Degree credit (not part of the External Degree programs or Certificates) would

follow the same procedure except I-C.  The appropriate department, Dean, Chair,

and curriculum committee will approve the course(s) and assign degree applicable

course numbers.


IV       Certificate Programs:  Would follow the regular curricular review process. 

Ongoing previously approved Certificates would require additional review when

there are changes in courses (addition, deletion, modification).


V.       External Degree programs follow the regular curricular review process.


VI       Non-credit courses are for such things as personal growth and include such topics

     as preparation for test-taking.  Courses and instructors are approved by the

     Director of Extended Education*.  If the course falls into the subject area of a

     particular department, the Chair of that department and appropriate Dean are to be



         VII.     Summer Session:  Special offerings during summer session follow the procedures

                   outlined above.


*Current title is Dean of Extended Education