PM 81-05


President Donald R. Gerth


Faculty Handbook


Recently the Academic Senate made a recommendation to revise university policy concerning the Faculty Handbook.  This recommendation is accepted.


The last paragraph on page V of the current Faculty Handbook is amended to read:


The Faculty Handbook shall be published every five years, in loose-leaf form to embody changes between editions.  Each new faculty member shall receive a copy of the latest edition without charge upon appointment to the University.  It will be the responsibility of the faculty member to keep its pages current as new or revised pages are distributed.  There will be a charge to the faculty member for additional copies.  Each department shall receive two copies which the department office shall keep current.  These departmental copies, as well as those maintained in the office of Faculty and Staff Affairs and the governance shelf of the library, are designated official copies; others are informational only.


The next edition of the Faculty Handbook will be published during the 1981-82 academic year and thereafter each five years.