PM 82-29


President Donald R. Gerth



Policy on Fingerprinting of Employees


It is no longer mandatory that all new employees be fingerprinted.  Current CSU policy, as set forth in FSA 82-31, provides that fingerprinting shall be required at the discretion of the President.


While the university maintains the right to fingerprint any employee, it will ordinarily not fingerprint all new employees.  Fingerprints may be required of any employee whose assignment upon original appointment, or at a later date, involves handling cash, having access to safe combinations and important keys, and other sensitive responsibilities.  The recommendations of supervisors, as well as the need to validate information provided by employees, will be considered in making a decision as to whether or not fingerprinting is required.


The Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs* is responsible for implementing this policy and maintaining the security and confidentiality of fingerprint cards and related documents.


*Current title is Director of Human Resource Management