PM 82-31


President Donald R. Gerth


Active Student Participation in the Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Process


1.       For the purpose of student participation in RTP, each school and other comparable education unit shall provide for an annual election of one student consultant member and an alternate to meet with school RTP committees.  Each school shall determine the qualifications for students participating in the process.  Nominations shall be solicited from faculty or students within the school.  The election, by all tenure-track faculty members and qualified students within the school, shall take place in the Fall Quarter*.  In Educational Resources, nominees shall be drawn from full-time students who have taken or are currently enrolled in any course offered through that unit.


2.       The student(s) shall serve as consultant(s) to the RTP committee for the purpose of discussing the teaching performance of the faculty member who is being reviewed for retention, tenure or promotion.  At the conclusion of the discussion, the student(s) shall leave the meeting and the committee shall proceed with its deliberations and voting.


3.       The student consultant(s) is expected to adhere to prescribed conduct and tradition in RTP matters, such as regular attendance, thorough review of appropriate materials (as determined by the individual school RTP committee), objectivity, and confidentiality.


* Currently, during the Fall Semester.