PM 82-35


President Donald R. Gerth


Animals At Large on Campus



Over the years there has been concern about animals at large on the campus being a threat to reasonable standards of sanitation, comfort, and safety.


Pursuant to Section 89031 of the California Education Code and Section 413OL (L) and 42402 of Title V California Administrative Code, I order and give notice of the following:


1.       No dog or other animal will be led or permitted to enter any university building.  It is especially important that no live animal be in any room where food or beverages are kept or served.


2.       No dog or other animal will be permitted on this campus unless it is on a leash of six feet or less in length that is secured by a competent person’s hand.  For safety and sanitation, that person is responsible to clean up any of the animal’s feces.


3.       A “seeing eye” dog being used to assist a blind person is exempt from this directive.


4.       No wild animal (e.g., lion, tiger, etc.) is to be brought on campus without the advance permission of the university.


Employees of the university are expected to assist with the enforcement of this Directive by both personally complying and informing people about the regulation and by reporting violation to the Department of Public Safety on ext.3639.