PM 83-13  (See, also, Amendment #1, following)


President Donald R. Gerth


Questions to Be Used in the Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Forms


The Academic Senate recently recommended a revision of the Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) questions.  This recommendation is approved as follows and is effective September 1, 1983.


  1. The instructor has command of the subject.

  2. The instructor expressed himself/herself clearly.

  3. The instructor exhibited a serious desire to teach students.

  4. The instructor showed enthusiasm for the subject.

  5. The instructor stated clearly what was expected of students.

  6. The course content covered the stated purposes of the course.

  7. The assignments were helpful in learning the subject matter.

  8. The tests given were related to course content.

  9. The instructor was responsive to studentsí questions.

  10. The instructor allowed appropriate student participation and discussion.

  11. The instructor was willing to arrange for a mutually convenient meeting time, when requested.

  12. I am satisfied I took this course from this particular instructor [Amended by PM which follows.}

  13. Optional question.

  14. Optional question.


At the same time I am approving this I am asking the Chair of the Academic Senate to continue addressing some of the more fundamental questions about PTE:  Are these evaluations being used in a significant way, particularly in a way that helps all of us on the faculty over time?  If the PTEs serve more than one purpose, which purpose is primary?  Is the PTE process credible with students, with faculty, and with RTP evaluators?  It seemed to a number of us who were present at the discussion in the Academic Senate concerning these questions, both those which are now being approved, and many others which were removed in the Academic Senate discussion, that the Senate debate required a more fundamental look at these questions.


I shall ask the Chair of the Academic Senate to join in the creation of a small group to look at this matter during the 1983 Fall Quarter.


The Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs* is responsible for disseminating this information generally to the faculty.



*Current title, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs


Amendment #1, PM 83-13                                                                                       5/16/91

President Robert C. Detweiler



Questions to Be Used in the Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Forms

Replacement of Item 12



Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate (FPC 91-10), I am approving the following change in the questions on the present PTE rating form.  The last question (no. 12) on the PTE form will be replaced with:




I ask that during the next year, the Academic Senate continue to assess the effectiveness of our present PTE form.  I also encourage the Senate to examine other types of forms that are available for student ratings of teaching.