PM 84-06


President Donald R. Gerth



Admission Requirements to the Basic Credential Programs


California State University, Dominguez Hills admits to basic credential programs

those applicants who represent the upper half of undergraduates in their programs

at their baccalaureate institutions.  Such students are selected by carefully

considering a combination of factors including grade point average, evidence of

subject matter competency, evaluations by faculty which focus on logic and

clarity of thought, interpersonal skills, effective verbal expression, letters of

recommendation, autobiographical statements, successful passage of the

California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), and an evaluation of the

passing scores.  All of these factors contribute to the judgment which is made

regarding the selection of candidates who show strong promise for the teaching



[The statement above appears in a Memorandum addressed to the Dean of the School of Education.  The Memorandum also includes the paragraphs that follow.]


On the basis of this recommendation and a study completed by Dr. William Blischke, Director of Institutional Studies, the grade point average to be used for the next year will be 2.75.  It will be necessary to review the grade point average to be used periodically.


We need to make it absolutely clear as a matter of University policy that this substantial change in the admission requirements for the basic credential programs must not and will not be allowed to modify the matter of recruiting able students into the profession of teaching.  This places an extraordinary challenge but a necessary one on you and your colleagues in the School of Education and on our associates who work in Admission and Relations with Schools.  Indeed, it must be the occasion for a renewal of efforts to build qualitatively and quantitatively the basic credential programs to meet the needs of this society.