PM 86-08


President Richard Butwell


Administrative Appointment and Review

(Reference PM 78-24, PM 78-32, PM 83-20, with revisions and amendments)


Since the advent of the CSU Management Personnel Plan, all administrators have become subject to mandatory annual evaluation.  The Committee on Administrative Appointments and Review (CAAR) therefore no longer plays an essential role in the review of administrators.


In addition, the selection of administrators at the level of dean or above is better accomplished through the use of a case-by-case approach in choosing the members of selection advisory committees.  The unit in which the appointment is being made will be substantially represented on the search committee.  The committee will also include other individuals chosen for their ability to contribute to the search process.


PM 78-24, PM 78-32, the sections of PM 83-20 concerning CAAR, and their amendments and revisions are hereby rescinded, effective immediately.