PM 87-07


President John A. Brownell



Handling Cases of Student Conduct Requiring Disciplinary Action



            Authority for handling student discipline matters is assigned to the Vice President

            for  Student Affairs.  The role of coordinator, as defined in Executive Order No.

  148, is assigned to the Director of Student Development.

*Currently, the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

1 “Student” stands for a student at CSUDH.  The term is defined under Section VI of this document.

2 If the student grievant is visually-impaired or hearing-impaired to the extent that he or she cannot function with the routine procedures, the Handicapped Regulations Coordinator and offices on campus (Handicapped Services, Skills Center, Audio Visual, etc.) will cooperate to assist the grievant.  For example, the procedures may be printed in large type for magnification via an overhead projector, or a reader may be made available.