PM 89-09


President John A. Brownell


Annual Review of Courses


PM 89-09 establishes a policy and procedure for the annual review of courses by the faculty.  The recommendations of the faculty will be reviewed by the school dean and sent to the University Curriculum Committee which will recommend to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The frequency with which courses are offered will be indicated in the university catalog and in the schedule of courses.


This policy and procedure has been reviewed by the University Curriculum Committee, the Council of Instructional Deans, the Educational Policies Committee, and the Academic Senate.




In the interests of presenting accurate and current academic program information to students, the faculty will annually review the courses offered by their departments.  Because the removal of courses from the catalog may impact programs outside the responsible department, there will be a university-wide review of the courses deleted to assess the impact of the deletions on all academic programs.




Each Fall term the Academic Affairs office will compile a list of courses showing the frequency of offering over the immediate past two consecutive years and the course enrollment figures.  Unused courses will be listed separately.  These courses are defined as courses which either have not been offered for the past two consecutive years or longer or when offered were cancelled.  These lists will be sent to the deans to assist the faculty in their determinations.


    1. Departments will be asked to determine the term frequency of each course for inclusion in their list of courses in the university catalog and the schedule of classes (e.g., Fall and/or Spring; every other year Fall and/or Spring).


    1. Departments will be asked to examine unused courses and to respond in one of the following ways:


1.      Present a justification for keeping an unused course in the university catalog.  (Courses allowed to remain in the university catalog will be re-reviewed in the next cycle.)


2.      Place unused courses in “deep freeze” (i.e., retain in course catalog file but remove from university catalog).

For a course to be removed from the “deep freeze” the department will send a request to reinstate the course to the school dean who will send it to the University Curriculum Committee for review and recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

3.      Request deletion of the course.  These courses will be removed from the university catalog and deleted (retired) from the course catalog file.


    1. The annual review of courses will be conducted by the University Curriculum Committee which will review the recommendations from the departments and school deans and recommend to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.