PM 89-10


President Robert C. Detweiler


Staff Handbook


I am pleased to announce the publication of the Staff Handbook which is designed to provide information on the basic policies and procedures which guide the administrative routines of the University.  The Handbook is divided into seven sections including (1)  Administrative and Staff Personnel Procedures;  (2)  Buildings, Equipment, and Grounds Procedures:  (3)  Office Procedures;  (4)  Financial Procedures;  (5)  Student Services Procedures;  (6)  Health and Safety Procedures: and (7)  Support Services Procedures.  The volume also provides an Introduction and a Subject Index.  A few copies are now being circulated for comment before the final editing is done and the publication is printed for general distribution and reference.


The purpose of this Presidential Memorandum is to confirm institutional acceptance of the Handbook and to enlist the participation of everyone who uses it in the refinement process which will make it increasingly valuable as it is amended and augmented to meet University needs.


A publication of this kind is never finished; that is why it will be issued in loose-leaf form.  Staff responsibility for coordinating the process of updating the Handbook periodically rests with the Vice President for Administration.  Each individual who will be in possession of a copy is charged with the responsibility of updating the volume each time amendments and extensions of the contents are distributed.  An amendment record will be included in the Introduction.


The compilation of a policy and procedures handbook is an important accomplishment and we expect it to provide additional structure in the organization, to reduce ambiguity, and to increase efficiency.