PM 90-02


President Robert C. Detweiler


Guidelines for Certificate Programs

[Supersedes PM 78-05 and PM 80-14]


1.  Definition.  A certificate program is defined as an approved pattern of credit-bearing courses designed to meet specific curricular needs.  A certificate is usually

characterized by a focus on occupational, professional, or other special interests and/or needs of a definable group of students.  The focus is ordinarily narrower than that of a degree major program.


2.  Units.  The number of upper division or graduate units included in a certificate

program will vary depending on its objectives, but normally will not be less than 12 units nor more than 24 units.


3.  Grade Point Requirement.  A grade point average of no less than 2.0 (C) is required in all undergraduate and 3.0 (B) in all graduate certificate programs.  Each program may propose a higher minimum grade point average for its certificate program.


4.  Curriculum Review Procedures.  The curriculum review procedures are the same

as those for new options, concentrations and minors.  The course requirements will

appear in the catalog.  Certificate programs are subject to periodic review through the regular program review process.


5.  Application for Completion.  Students must file an application for completion of the certificate program with the graduation unit of the Records office.  A standard

university certificate with the name of the specific certificate program will be awarded to those students who have met all program requirements.  The transcript will note the completion of the certificate program.