PM 91-07


President Robert C. Detweiler



Guidelines for Single Field Majors


The CSU Dominguez Hills faculty are committed to guiding their students toward a broad liberal arts education.  Students are to be provided an opportunity to select diverse courses in areas of interest outside their major and within the requirements of the bachelorís degree.  To this end, the faculty are asked to construct academic programs so that each student may complete, in addition to the requirements of the major, the General Education requirements and a significant number of elective courses which may be organized in the form of a minor within the unit requirement of the bachelorís degree.


Acknowledging that there may be constraints upon some academic programs which make it difficult for a student to complete both a major and a minor within the number of units required for a bachelorís degree, the Academic Senate sets for[sic] these criteria for single field majors:


1.  Demonstration of Need.  An academic program must clearly demonstrate and

     provide evidence that only with a single field major can it maintain its academic or

     professional integrity as evidenced by accrediting standards, certifying agencies, or

     established practice at comparable universities and colleges.


2.  Breadth of Offerings.  When a single field major is requested, the major must include among its required courses, courses from other disciplines.


3.  Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Guidelines.  Programs

offering the single field major must comply with the current WASC standards on

undergraduate programs, specifically the standard which requires that the equivalent

of two years of study toward the baccalaureate degree will be in general education and unrestricted electives.