PM 93-02


President Robert C. Detweiler


On-Campus Group Potlucks Policy


The following policy has been adopted by the University in order to ensure compliance with health regulations related to preparation, storage and serving of food items, to minimize potential liability and to ensure compliance with the food service contract which grants exclusivity to the food services contractor.


This policy applies to all faculty, students, staff and administrators interested in hosting a potluck in campus facilities, including but not limited to the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker University Student Union.




On-campus organizations planning closed social functions to which only on-campus individuals are invited (e.g. departmental and student clubs functions) in any campus facility, may be allowed to supply their own home-prepared food and drinks pending completion and approval of the Request for On-Campus Group Potluck Form.  All approvals must be obtained a minimum of two weeks prior to the proposed event.  Such events may not generate revenues of any kind and approval must be secured through the Office of the Director of the University Student Union and the Office of the Executive Director of the University Foundation.


Any open function (open to the general campus or public) and any on-campus business function must have all food and beverages catered through the Campus Dining Service.  Off-campus organizations are required to have all food and beverages catered by the Campus Dining Food Services.


This Policy Statement is not intended to apply to those campus group gatherings where each individual brings his/her own lunch, commonly referred to as “brown bag.”


**  Food prepared and served by the Campus Dining Services is exempt from the approval process outlined in this policy.




  1. The rules and the appropriate form will be obtained in the Office of Activities in the Loker University Student Union and space for your event can be reserved at that time.


  1. The appropriate form will be completed in triplicate and signed by the advisor/sponsor prior to submission to the University Student Union according to the time frames stated on the form.


  1. A permit to operate will be issued to the applicant after review by the University Student Union.


  1. The permit must be available for display at the location of the sale or service.


  1. The advisor/sponsor will be responsible for the organization’s adherence to the rules set forth by this policy.


  1. The Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Office will make a spot-check of food services to ensure that all health provisions are being followed.


  1. No liability will be assumed by the University, the Loker University Student Union, the Foundation or the Dining Services Contractor for any food or drink the sponsoring organization provides.


  1. Any damages related to the function are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.


  1. For functions held in the University Student Union, an advance deposit for damages may be required at the discretion of the University Student Union Director.


  1. Off-campus organizations are prohibited from dispensing food or drink on the Dominguez Hills University Campus.


California State University, Dominguez Hills






Name of sponsoring organization: _______________________________________________________________________


Date of event:______________________ 


Time: _______________________________


Campus location of service or sale: __________________________________________


Food items including condiments (be specific:)


Location where food will be prepared: _______________________________________


Storage of perishable food during transport:



All foods must be maintained at a temperature of below 45 F degrees for cold foods and 140 F degrees or above for hot foods.


*Non-perishable foods are:  Fruit pies, doughnuts, bread, cookies, candies, cakes without custard or whipped cream icing or filling, pretzels, soft drinks, punch, fresh or commercially canned fruit, and peanut butter.  Any food high in protein, such as milk and meat, is considered perishable and potentially hazardous.  DO NOT store or serve acid base foods such as punch, canned fruit, or fruit juices in galvanized containers because a poisonous by-product will be formed.




All campus organizations wishing to have a potluck must comply with the following conditions to provide for the health and safety of the campus community:


Preparation:  Prevention of food infection or food poisoning is of primary concern.  High risk foods are those which are moist and high in protein, such as chicken, turkey, other meat and fish dishes, eggs and dairy products.  Custards, cream pies, and salads (such as potato, chicken, turkey, tuna) are also of concern.  Frozen meats should be thawed in the refrigerator, not in room temperature, and cooked immediately after thawing.  Cook thoroughly and use a meat thermometer for large roasts, turkeys, etc.  Before preparing, mixing or handling ingredients, and/or immediately after using restroom facilities, every person should wash his/her hands and arms thoroughly with soap or detergent and warm water and rinse them in clean water.  No person should prepare or serve food if he/she is likely to have a contagious disease or infection (e.g., cold).


Storage:  Food that is transported from where it has been prepared must be properly protected while in transit.  Food should be prepared as close as possible to the time of serving.  If perishables are prepared the night before, they are to be kept cold in a refrigerator, transported on ice, and kept cold until served or heated for serving.


Serving:  All perishable foods or beverages to be served cold are to be kept at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit after preparation until served.  All perishable foods and beverages to be served hot are to be kept at or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit while being served.  No article of food or beverages which has been served previously to any person or returned from any table will be used in the preparation of other foods or beverages.  The serving area and all adjacent areas should be cleaned with soapy water or disinfectant and kept free of litter and rubbish at all times.





Title: _______________________



Phone Number:__________________


AGREEMENT:  For the privilege of selling foods on campus, the applicant organization agrees to comply with the rules governing food or service.  Failure to comply with the rules may result in loss of food serving privileges and/or disciplinary action.  No liability will be assumed by the University, the Loker University Student Union, the Foundation or the Dining Services Contractor for any food or drink the sponsoring organization provides.


Signature of Organization Chairperson



Date submitted       Signature of Advisor/Sponsor


______________                                _____________________________________

Date approved                                         Loker University Student Union



Date approved   CSU, Dominguez Hills Foundation



This request when approved by University Student Union and the Foundation will serve as a permit to operate.  Please keep this available at the event location.



California State University, Dominguez Hills




1.         Temperature Control


            Adequate facilities must be provided for keeping cold foods below 45 F degrees and hot foods at 140 F degrees or hotter at all times.


2.         Food Protection


            Provisions must be made for protecting foods from dust or other contamination during transport, storage, and service by use of covers, plastic wrap, or other suitable utensils.  Persons serving foods must have clean hands, clean outer garments, and not suffer from respiratory, gastrointestinal, or skin infections and are required to wear plastic disposable gloves.  Plates, cups, and eating utensils must be single service.  Soft drinks or punch must be served from original containers or dispensing equipment approved by the Environmental Health and Occupational Safety Office.


3.         Sanitation


Adequate trash cans must be provided for disposal of waste materials.  The area surrounding the food service must be kept clean at all times and left in a clean condition at the conclusion of each day’s service.


4.         Service Period


Food  service is limited to two (2) consecutive days.  Unusual circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.


          5.         All food permits approved by the University Student Union office must be maintained at the service location.


         6.         Use of Dining Services kitchens or equipment is strictly prohibited


         7.         Cleanup of all food and drink and related items is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.  Failure to do so will result in appropriate cleanup charges.