PM 93-03


President Robert C. Detweiler


Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Evaluations for Probationary Faculty

[Modifies a portion of PM 84-11]


Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate (FPC 93-09), the following change in university policy is effective with the 1993-1994 academic year.  This revision modifies a portion of PM 84-11.


Probationary faculty are encouraged to administer PTE evaluations to all their classes.  Probationary faculty must designate at least two courses per semester for which PTE evaluations are sent automatically to their Personnel Action Files.  The PTE forms permanently included in the files should reflect a balanced representation of all courses taught during probation at Dominguez Hills.


In addition, in concurrence with the discussions in the Academic Senate, Faculty Affairs is making an administrative change in the PTE process concerning the timeline for selecting classes to be evaluated.  The deadline for selecting courses for PTE evaluation is extended to the sixth week of the semester.  This provides faculty with additional time to make their selections.