PM 94-05


President Robert C. Detweiler


Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

[Supersedes PM 79-10]


University Composition Committee


1.                  Overview


The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) as instituted by The California State University requires all CSU campuses to certify the writing proficiency of all undergraduate and graduate students before their degrees are granted.  The GWAR Coordinator and the University Composition Committee shall be responsible for seeing that the GWAR is implemented and administered at CSUDH.  Achieving the goals of the GWAR is a university-wide responsibility, not a departmental one.


CSUDH students may meet the GWAR in one of two ways:  by successful completion of the Graduation Writing Examination (GWE) or by successful completion of one of the approved writing certification courses.


2.                  Charge


The University Composition Committee and the GWAR Coordinator have the responsibility to implement and administer the GWAR.  The Committee and Coordinator report to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Committee and Coordinator shall

3.                  Committee Membership


The University Composition Committee shall be made up of the following members, effective with the 1994-95 academic year:

The elected members of the committee shall serve two-year terms, except that the newly re-constituted committee shall, at its first meeting in Fall, 1994, arrange to stagger these terms so that one half of the elected faculty shall serve an initial two-year term and the other half of the elected faculty will serve an initial one-year term.


4.                  GWAR Coordinator


The office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences shall send out a campus-wide announcement inviting applications for the GWAR Coordinator position from CSUDH faculty who have expertise in the teaching and assessment of writing and skill at administering programs.  A GWAR Coordinator Selection Advisory Committee, comprised of faculty experienced in the teaching of writing, shall be

appointed by the CAS Dean or his/her designee to review the applications and to

recommend three applicants, in ranked order, to the CAS Dean, who shall make the

final appointment.