PM 98-02


President Robert C. Detweiler


Course Information/Syllabi

[Supersedes PM 87-16]


During the first week of classes an instructor is to distribute to the class members printed information about the course.  This course information is to include at least the following items:


            1. The instructor’s grading policy.


            2. Required texts and other materials.


            3. The availability of the instructor outside of class, including office hours and

                office telephone number.


            4. A specific reference to the University Catalog’s statements on Academic

                Integrity and Plagiarism, as well as an explanation of the expectations of the

                course as they relate to academic integrity.


            5. Prerequisites for the course.


            6. Course goals, objectives, and requirements.


            7. Attendance requirements.


            8. Policy on due dates and make-up work.


            9. Schedule of examinations.


The instructor is encouraged to distribute a syllabus appropriate for the level and nature of the course.  The instructor is to leave a copy of the course information and/or syllabus in the department office.  It is understood that circumstances may require a change in the course information and/or syllabus distributed during the first week of a class and that this resolution does not preclude such changes, nor is it meant to abridge any principle of academic freedom.