PM 98-05   5/13/98

President Robert C. Detweiler

[PM 98-05 (revised) 7/31/00

President James E. Lyons, Sr.]


Membership of General Studies Committee

[Supersedes PM 93-06]


The General Studies Committee shall consist of ten members.  A faculty member elected by the committee members will chair it.


School/College representatives will serve two-year terms.  The ten member committee shall consist of the following:


          1.  One Senate representative (elected annually by the Academic Senate and responsible for reporting to the Senate)

          2.  One student representative (appointed annually by the President of Associated Students, Inc.).

          3.  Three (3) College of Arts and Sciences representatives (elected by the College, with no more than one from any one department)

          4.  One School of Education representative (elected by the School)

          5.  One School of Management representative (elected by the School)

          6.  One School of Health representative (elected by the School)

          7.  The Director of Academic Student Support Programs will serve as a non-voting, ex officio member.

          8.  The Coordinator of Liberal Studies will serve as a non-voting, ex officio member.