PM 98-06


President Robert C. Detweiler


Policy on the Use of Students as Teaching Assistants


The Trustees of the California State University have established Classification and Qualification Standards for Graduate Assistants (Class Code 2355, Rev. 1-1-78) and Student Assistants (Class Code 1870, Rev. 1-1-78) to provide specific guidelines regarding the duties that may be assumed by Graduate Assistants and Student Assistants.  Consistent with these standards, I am establishing the following guidelines for hiring and use of students.


     1.  Individual faculty members must use the established personnel hiring practices

and policies in the hiring of any student assistants.  They are not allowed to use their own personal funds to hire Student Assistants or Graduate Assistants for instructionally-related activities.


     2.  A department or program wishing to hire students for instructionally-related activities shall establish specific policies and procedures regarding the appropriate role of Graduate Assistants, as well as specific policies and procedures for screening, testing, training, supervising, and evaluating these students.  Specific department or program policies must include and/or adhere to the provisions outlined below.


     3.  Consistent with CSU standards, Graduate Assistants may help a faculty member in conducting research or in preparing class materials.  They may also aid in the supervision of students in a classroom, workshop, or laboratory, but they may not be given responsibility for instruction of the class.


    4.  Graduate Assistants may not plan the instructional content of a course, select student assignments, create or administer tests or examinations, or determine the term grade for students.


     5.  Student Assistants hired for help in an instructional program may perform clerical or other routine tasks.


     6.  Both Graduate Assistants and Student Assistants may work as tutors or as laboratory assistants.