PM 99-05, Revised


President James E. Lyons, Sr.


University Policy on Self-Support Instructional Programs


In addition to its mission to provide a variety of state-supported undergraduate and graduate instructional programs on campus, California State University, Dominguez Hills is also committed to offering a wide range of special instructional programs and activities to meet the educational needs and interests of the populations it serves.  These programs may be offered on-campus, at off-campus sites, or through electronic media.  They may be financed through student fees, contracts, gifts, donations, and in some instances through the General Fund budget. 


Recently, there have been internal audit findings and campus review panel recommendations which call for a more coordinated approach to the development and administration of the range of self-support instructional offerings.  This policy establishes an administrative framework to ensure coordination, eliminate duplication of effort, establish fiscal accountability, and foster a unified approach to the constituencies being served by the university’s self-support instructional programs.


This policy is applicable to all groups within the University community which are engaged in offering self-support programs or which desire to do so.  Examples of courses or programs which fall under the jurisdiction of this policy include Extension and Special Sessions courses and groups of courses leading to a degree, credential, or certificate; short courses and seminars; workshops; contract courses; special language programs for international students; educational programs for retired adults; summer conferences; on-base military programs; concurrent enrollment; travel-study programs; etc.


The term “program” as used in this policy means a series of courses or organized instructional offerings which lead to a degree, certificate, or credential.  This includes new programs for which no on-campus counterpart program exists as well as proposals to take existing programs to off-campus sites.


A.        General Policy on Self-Support Instructional Programs

Self-support programs must be offered in a manner consistent with the policies of the CSU system and the University, particularly as they pertain to fiscal matters and use of facilities.  It is the general policy of the University that the Dean of Extended Education is responsible for administering all credit and non-credit instructional self-support programs and courses.  The Dean of Extended Education, in conjunction with the appropriate instructional unit dean, is responsible and accountable for the development, coordination, logistical support, and evaluation of all such programs.  Self-support activities offered for academic credit must have been reviewed by all appropriate University policy bodies and must have the concurrence of and been approved by the respective academic department or unit, the dean of the instructional school or college, and the Dean of Extended Education for the content, staffing, pedagogy and delivery methods of the offering.  Non-credit courses must be approved by the Dean of Extended Education in consultation with the dean of the appropriate school or college.


The Dean of Extended Education shall report regularly to the Vice President, Academic Affairs and the President on the programmatic and fiscal status of these activities.  The Division of Finance and Administration shall continue to provide assistance in the administration of fiscal matters.


B.        Management of Academic Conferences and Workshops

Academic unit sponsored activities which involve tuition, fees or the payment of salaries, such as conferences and workshops, are to be administered through the Continuing Education Revenue Fund.  The instructional dean of the sponsoring department or unit shall review plans of proposed academic activities with the Dean of Extended Education to ensure that such activities are appropriately managed.


C.        Exemptions

In recognition of the fact that there are various special University programs that differ in purpose from those which are covered by this policy, such programs are specifically exempted from the processes outlined above.  These include activities which are an extension of regular academic programs which do not involve salaries or tuition (e.g., performances by the Dance or Theater Arts programs, student concerts, departmental field trips); CSUDH Foundation grants and contracts which are not of an instructional nature; Alumni and Associated Students, Inc. programs and activities for students, faculty, and staff; and other programs as determined by the President of the University.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.