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A Phi Sig Is....
A Phi Sig is like a candle whose flame burns bright and true
This lady is a woman who gives her love to you
A Phi Sig is a leader and knows all she can do
And a friend whose trust and spirit, is
Always there for you.

Sisterhood is just the start of life and days to dawn
It is giving yourself to cause so life goes on
Sisterhood is sharing knowledge and learning right from wrong
It lets us grow into a person that knows she can be strong

When you think you may be lonely, a sister always knows
She will talk and help you out because her love always shows
Just remember that a Phi Sig is a tender bud that knows
That with love and help and friendship, she will bloom

Being a Phi Sig
Being a Phi Sig
It has something to do with a bond.
A strong bond of honesty:
Being honest with yourself as well as your sisters.
A strong bond of trust:
The ability to let something very important to you rest with another sister.
A strong bond of devotion:
All for one, and one for all.

Being a Phi Sig
It has something to do with confidence.
Confidence in your own individual worth and unique abilities.
Confidence in your sisters that someone is always there to
share the good times with the bad times.
Confidence in the sisterhood, that goals will be met and standards kept.
Confidence that as long as women strive for the best, there will always be a

Being a Phi Sig
It has something to do with respect.
Respecting yourself for all the things you are --
just as you are.
Giving respect to sisters comes before being respected by sisters.
Each of us giving and taking; working together instead of against or apart.
Respecting what Phi Sig stands for,
And those -- across the nation, active or alumnae --
who stand for Phi Sigma Sigma.

Being a Phi Sig
It has something to do with love.
The ability to love in so many ways, many people
is developed rather than given.
It is something you work for --
the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
As a new member of Phi Sigma Sigma, this potential is tapped.
We grow together --
Rich with the common bond of honesty, trust and devotion;
Full of confidence and respect
For a special love to cherish and treasure:


-Diane Tinney Beta Rho Chapter

What does it mean to be a Phi Sig Sister???
A sister is a someone who will laugh with you in times of joy and cry with you in times of sorrow* A sister is someone who will challenge you, but at the same time, help you to overcome your obstacles* A sister is someone who is a listener and a consoler* A sister is someone who not only helps you to dissolve differences, but shows you ways to banish these flaws forever* A sister is someone who will help you create the memories that will color and beautify your life forever* A sister is someone who will always be honest and trustworthy* A sister is someone honest and who you can count on to be there to support you and guide you at any given time* A sister is someone who will not only help you to define who you are as an individual, but someone you will hold up the mirror to just incase you ever forget* A sister is someone who will not only teach you the definition of unity and togetherness, but show you the meanings through her sincere ways* A sister is someone who will help you to realize that no matter what, you are a tremendous person* A sister is someone who is there to teach you how to have strength in every circumstance, whether it be good or bad, and that no one has the power or right to minimize your individuality* A sister is someone who will accept and honor you as the individual you choose to be* A sister is someone who will provide the needed essentials to be a caring, thoughtful person* A sister is someone who you will have in your heart forever, as a lifelong friend, companion, confidant, and sidekick...
so why would you not want to be a sister?

- Erin Audet, Zeta Zeta Chapter

People ask why I am in a sorority and I try to explain all the things a sorority is that they cannot see. A sorority is more than letters on a sweatshirt, I say. More than traditional songs, a gold pin, rituals, and obligation, or a way of life. A sorority is learning about people, a sorority is giving without expecting a return. A sorority is earning respect from others, as well as for yourself. A sorority will not solve all your problems. But I have made good friends and found confidence there to help me take life one step at a time.

- Anonymous

A sorority is a group of girls who care about each other so much that they decide to call each other sisters and promise always to be there for one another.

- Unknown

Sorority Soliloquy

I've heard it said a sorority is a waste of time; but I know better...
For I have seen the love and walked in the splendor of sisterhood...
Blinked at the brilliance and beheld the rose and the sapphire.

I've heard the cheerful songs of the frolicking sisters...
The laughter and the everlasting chuckle of glee in the air.

I've heard it said that a sorority is a dull, selfish place; It can't be true...
I've seen the affection, watched it fill my heart, the very air...
And I have learned the Twin Ideals polished and spotless from end to end,
And I have watched the sororities' devotion drape each and every sister
 to look like nature's freshly-granted love nourishing growth...

I've heard it said that a sorority is harmful, but they are wrong...
For I know my sisters...
Watched them strive for a cause, spend of themselves...
and I've watched them hope, dream and aspire, side by side...

I've heard them say these things, but I would disagree...
Because for every shadow I have seen a hundred rays of light...
For every plaintive note I've heard a symphony of joy...
For every pennyweight of bad, I've found a ton of good...
Good in nature, in people, in my sorority...

I'm so thankful I found my home
in Phi Sigma Sigma.

- Anonymous

The Greek That's Written There

It makes little difference
The size of your pin
Whether it's large or small,
And if its plain
Or brilliant with jewels
Is of no concern at all,

But the vows that you took
Along with your pin,
Have you worn them constantly,
Quietly, deep in the heart
Where no one looks to see?

Have you touched the stars
You reached for once
In your own small piece of sky?
Have you striven for the honorable,
The beautiful, and the high?

What difference then
The shape of the badge,
Be it Diamond or square or pyramid
The important thing is
How much do you love
The pin you chose to wear?

- Anonymous

Recruitment in its truest sense is making friends, and we must do this every day of the year. Why did sororities expand so quickly in the 1800's? Because the Founders of the earliest groups wanted to share the wonderful feeling of friendship - or sisterhood, as they proudly called it - with young women on campuses. They felt strongly about the learning experience encompassed in fraternity membership which could not be found in the classroom... learning to live, share, love with others. Friendship is not in the pages of recruitment rules, entertaining parties and no contact with interested women during the summer. When we talk of making friends, it is YOU, individually, making friends, your chapter making friends, and the Greek system as a whole making friends.
Thank you to the Kappa Chapter at George Washington University for the previous statement

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