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Phi Sigs have four responsibilities. They are:

  1. Responsibility to Self

  2. Responsibility to Chapter

  3. Responsibility to Campus and Surrounding Community

  4. Responsibility to National

Responsibilities to Self

Attain scholastic requirements needed for initiation (2.2 Overall GPA).
Develop and expand your leadership potential by accepting organizational responsibilities.
Seek new friendships which can broaden your personal perspectives.

Responsibilities to Chapter

Meet chapter financial obligations promptly.
Get to know your chapter sisters.
Learn the history and workings of your chapter.
Participate in chapter projects and social activities.
Attend meetings.
Serve as an officer when necessary.
Cooperate with chapter officers and judiciary boards.

Responsibilities to Campus and Surrounding Community

Become involved in Greek Council activities and in getting to know other Greeks.
Participate in extracurricular activities.
Participate in community social/volunteer activities.
Seek to serve your campus and your community in whatever constructive ways you can.

Responsibilities to National

Learn about the organization you belong to by learning its history, how it runs and what your role is.
Support your National Programs.
Support the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.
Complete National Initiation requirements.
Interest others in becoming Phi Sigma Sigma sisters.
Represent Phi Sigma Sigma and the Greek system to everyone with whom you come in contact.


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