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Early Start Program

Get your Early Start at CSUDH

A new program launched by the CSU system, Early Start allows students who need remediation in English and/or math to begin their remediation during the summer before their first semester. Students have multiple options for meeting their Early Start requirements.

If you plan on attending CSUDH, we encourage you to complete Early Start right here on our campus. In addition, students can complete their Early Start requirements at any CSU campus, some community college campuses and online; click here for more information about how to meet Early Start requirements. Early Start requirements must be met before students can enroll at CSUDH or any CSU campus.

Next Steps

After you have completed your Intent to Enroll, let us know how you are going to complete you Early Start Requirement. Log onto my.CSUDH.EDU and go to the Early Start Smart Page. This step is required before you can enroll for the fall term at CSUDH. For more information about what steps you need to take click here.

Sign Up

Once you’ve taken your EPT/ELM, completed your intent to enroll, and told us how you plan to meet your Early Start requirement, it’s time to sign up for Early Start. Learn how here

Why Early Start?

Learn how Early Start prepares you for success at CSUDH and puts you on the path to your degree. Visit Benefits.


How much does it cost? Where can I complete my Early Start requirements? Get the answers to your questions here.