Sport & Fitness Psychology Certificate Program

Beverly B. Palmer, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Dr. Palmer is an expert in creating online instructional programs that are maximally interactive and engaging. In addition to receiving the Outstanding Professor award at California State University, Dominguez Hills, Dr. Palmer has a private practice as a clinical psychologist in Torrance, California, where she helps athletes achieve optimal performance and helps corporate administrators apply the principles of team-building to a variety of situations.

Mark Cartiglia, Ph.D.
Instructor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton.

Besides teaching at California State University, Fullerton, Dr. Cartiglia also teaches an online course at North Central University.  His areas of interest include psychological testing and sport psychology.

Ruben Barajas, M.A.
Executive Director, The Scott Newman Center, Torrance, California

Mr. Barajas has developed the programs at the Scott Newman Center, which provides a national community outreach/drug prevention program through a summer camp for adult women and their children. Since 1988 Ruben has competed in over 50 triathlons.