Student Support Services

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Student Support Services, also known as SSS, is a federal program funded through the Department of Education and designed to support the academic needs of 160 qualified undergraduate CSUDH students.

The goal of SSS is simple: to increase the retention, and graduation rates of first generation and low income students, students with disabilities, and former foster youth who demonstrate a high potential for academic success.

SSS supports its participants by providing a myriad of services including academic coaching and advising, tutoring, peer mentoring, computer lab access, school supplies, cultural exploration activities, academic and skills development workshops, financial literacy training, professional development, networking, and graduate school preparation opportunities. Our staff is dedicated to the achievement and success of each participant and by employing services patterned after the best practices in student retention and success; we are successful in assisting them navigate their college experience.  As a program and a university, we are sincerely committed to ensuring that we provide a welcoming environment that embraces the unique qualities and strengths that each participant embodies, lend each member essential academic and personal support, and challenge each participant to persist, excel, and complete their undergraduate degree.

Who We Are

  • Federal TRIO Program
  • Sponsored by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA 2008)
  • Academic Support Program
  • Funded to serve 160 Undergraduate CSUDH students.

Who We Serve

  • 1st Generation Undergraduate College Students
  • Low Income Students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Former Foster Youth
  • Wards of the Court
  • *All participants must demonstrate an academic need.

Our Philosophy

Student Support Services at California State University Dominguez Hills is committed to assisting program participants discover, develop, and maximize their strengths and talents while assisting participants earn their bachelor’s degree.

Student Support Services recognizes that a high level of wellbeing is essential for every successful participant to possess and is therefore committed to the Whole Person Approach with respect to advising and service provision.

SSS is dedicated to the process of co-creating with participants a plan of success that fosters academic excellence, financial literacy, career readiness, marketability, and degree completion. This is achieved through the practice of Advising, Academic Coaching, Peer mentoring, individual and group tutoring, and an offering of an array of robust academic, personal, and financial workshops throughout the year.

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