Black Theatre Program

Welcome to the "New African Grove" Black Theatre Program

It is a challenging and dynamic program of academic courses, on-campus shows and lectures, community and
high school tours, and workshops illuminating the black experience for people of all ages and ethnic groups. To
become part of this unique program, you only need to participate as a student, theatre artist, or audience
member. Herbert L. Carter talent scholarships are available each academic year as an incentive for new recruits;
and for existing members whom exhibit outstanding achievement in the program.

The "New African Grove" Black Theatre Program here at Dominguez Hills is dedicated to the freed black men and
women of 1821 New York whom founded the original African Grove company. An incredible and unheard of fact is
that these men and women did not just perform black plays, but gained fame by performing SHAKESPEARE to
sold out houses. The company had an outstanding run of five years until it was mysteriously burned to the ground
in 1826. The best known performer to emerge from the company was Ira Aldridge.

The seeds of the Black Theatre Program began with the work of Randolph Edmonds, the "Dean of Black
Educational Theatre." Beginning in the 1930's his pioneering efforts gave rise to an interest in the study of the
aesthetics and practices of the black theatre.

The Black Theatre Program offers students both academic classroom and production experiences. Through
class work and on/off-stage participation in plays, students receive a well-rounded experience in black life,
culture, and art in a very nurturing environment.

Intoduction to African-American theatre will be the first course offered by the department for spring 2000. This
course will be cross-listed with Africana studies and will soon be counted as part of students' General
Education Program.

This year discover something new, something exciting, something educational, and something fun. Discover the
"New African Grove", and again ...... WELCOME!!!!

For more information please contact the Artistic Director at (310) 243-2847.

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