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New Degree in Biochemistry Gives Students an Extra Edge



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New Degree in Biochemistry Gives Students an Extra Edge

A new bachelor’s of science degree in Biochemistry is now being offered in the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences. Noel Sturm, chair and associate professor, Chemistry Department, says that students studying biochemistry at CSU Dominguez Hills have an extra edge over those at other institutions. Because of the small class sizes at CSUDH, professors are able to offer more individual attention to the students.

 “It’s rare to go to an institution where the professors teach an undergraduate lab,” she notes. “They’re usually taught by teacher’s assistants. In bigger institutions, you only see the professor as a talking head in a lecture hall. Here, we’re very hands-on.”

According to Sturm, chemistry graduates are always grateful for the personal attention they received at CSUDH.

“When you talk to our graduates, many of whom have gone on to very prestigious programs, one of the things they always say is that they feel they can compete as well, or better, as students coming from the UC system,” she says. “They feel this is because of the instruction they received, the interaction with professors, networking at conferences, and the chance to do undergraduate research.”

The B.S. in Biochemistry will fulfill the prerequisite work of students who are interested in pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-veterinarian programs. A background in biochemistry is also advantageous in fields such as business, environmental or patent law, and forensics.

The Chemistry Department is currently enrolling students in the Biochemistry major for the 2007 Spring and Fall semesters, and is in the process of acquiring the approval of the American Chemical Society for the new program.

For information on courses and enrolling in the bachelor’s of science degree in Biochemistry, click here.

- Joanie Harmon-Whetmore

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