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Dominguez Hills Speaks: Campus Toastmasters Regains Official Charter



Photos by Joanie Harmon and Marcus Vincent; captions belowe

Dominguez Hills Speaks: Campus Toastmasters Regains Official Charter

Toastmasters has provided me with the self-confidence to speak professionally and socially to individuals and groups and with the skills to prepare to speak and make presentations.
- Tina Lee, assistant director, Human Resources Management

The campus chapter of Toastmasters International (TI), “Dominguez Hills Speaks,” received its charter on Jan. 12. This followed a yearlong campaign to acquire the 20 members necessary to earn official recognition from its world headquarters in California.

Enola Thompson-Logan, support services administrator, Student Health and Psychological Services and president, Dominguez Hills Speaks, hopes that the organization’s presence on campus will encourage CSUDH staff to take advantage of the confidence building benefits of membership.

“Toastmasters can be a morale booster as well as a challenge to move from one plateau of achievement to the next,” she states. “It reveals to your manager or supervisor that you are willing to expand and enhance your professional growth through self-motivation, which can prove to be beneficial to your department. Your accomplishments in the organization are always forwarded to your supervisor through correspondence from Toastmasters International.”

Dominguez Hills Speaks: Campus Toastmasters Regains Official CharterTI District One Governor Donna Oja presented Thompson-Logan and the group with the official charter certificate, as well as certificates for each of the 20 charter members.

Tina Lee, assistant director, Human Resources Management, extols the result of her TI membership as “a positive affect on mobility at my job.”

“Toastmasters has provided me with the self-confidence to speak professionally and socially to individuals and groups and with the skills to prepare to speak and make presentations."

Thompson-Logan has presented Toastmasters to several classes on campus, encouraging students to invest time and effort in overcoming nervousness when speaking in front of large groups.

“As a member, a student is encouraged to meet his or her fear of public speaking head-on,” she says. “A mentor is assigned to help them with the process and they can work at their own pace. The experience helps students think quickly on their feet and how to network, with the opportunity to meet professionals in different fields from all over the world with the common thread that they are all Toastmasters.”

Dominguez Hills Speaks: Campus Toastmasters Regains Official CharterThose who are already comfortable speaking in public also stand to benefit from involvement in Toastmasters, according to Marcus Vincent, evaluator, Admissions and Records.

“I have always thought my public speaking style and delivery were beyond reproach,” he laughs. “I’ve come to realize that is not the case since my short association with the Dominguez Hills Toastmasters Club.  I hope to acquire new knowledge and skills to hone my delivery so that my public speaking skills will be on a level comparable to my arrogance.”

Combating shyness in social situations is a common goal for many Toastmasters.
Crystal Jackson, technician, Accounts Payable, found her artistic voice in a talent for sculpture but clammed up when confronted with presenting her work at galleries.

“At work I am very comfortable with my co-workers so it's easy for me to talk with them,” she notes. “With Toastmasters, I’m working on my self-confidence outside of the office, learning to look people in their eye and smile and speak first. When I would speak, I always felt like no one could hear me or I spoke so fast that they didn't feel my thoughts. The group’s feedback allows me to know what they heard, increasing my confidence to speak again and know that people cannot harm you with their reactions.”

Sabrina Warrington, manager, Information Technology Help Desk, has been a Toastmaster since 1993 and echoes Jackson’s sentiments.

“Toastmasters is a wonderful way for shy people to come out of their shell,” she says. “I’ve seen people join Toastmasters and never give a speech but just attend the meetings and periodically participate in table topics, where a few people are given a topic and then they speak for a minute or two.  It’s a great way to socialize and ease into getting comfortable speaking in public.”

Dominguez Hills Speaks: Campus Toastmasters Regains Official CharterAdministrative support coordinator Argie Grimshaw, Admissions, underscores the support of fellow members as “helpful to know that I am not the only one to be nervous and to make mistakes.”

“No one is going to laugh at you because you are nervous or you said too many ‘ahs,’ ‘ums,’ and ‘you knows,’” she says. “We learn by playing different roles during the meetings, giving speeches and, by observing our colleagues’ performances. It is a little bit easier because we are not in a speech class, and our performance, good or bad, will not receive a grade. I’ve noticed that it has become easier for me  to make comments and express ideas and it has become more natural and less scary to express myself in public.”

Former academic advisor, Educational Opportunity Program Jane Garrett delivered a talk on meeting your potential regardless what others say and with the support of one’s friends, a common theme within Dominguez Hills Speaks.

“We have what we need to be successful,” she says. “With each other’s help, we will all be what we want to be.”

-Joanie Harmon

Photos above: Donna Oja, District One Governor (left), Toastmasters International, presents
Enola Thompson-Logan, president, Dominguez Hills Speaks with its charter; photo by Joanie Harmon

Danielle Brinney, academic advisor and information technology coordinator, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)and vice-president of public relations, Dominguez Hills Speaks, addresses her fellow Toastmasters. (L-R) Enola Thompson-Logan, Linda Brown, office manager, University Student Union, and Jane Garrett, former academic advisor, Educational Opportunity Program; photo by Joanie Harmon

Sabrina Warrington, manager, Information Technology Help Desk and charter member, Dominguez Hills Speaks, is congratulated by Donna Oja.

Marcus Vincent, evaluator, Admissions and Records, keeps an eye on the time for Argie Grimshaw, administrative support coordinator, Admissions and Records, as she presents her speech; photo by Joanie Harmon




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