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Carlos Galeana: He Says He Wants a Revolution
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Caption BulletPhoto by Joanie Harmon

Carlos Galeana: He Says He Wants a Revolution

Carlos Galeana had his computer-generated graphic “Revolution” displayed last week in the Student Art Show sponsored by the Multicultural Center in the Loker Student Union at California State University, Dominguez Hills. The print features a repetitive motif of the word “revolution,” which is turned backward at one spot in the design to reveal the word “love.”

“I’m currently experimenting with the power of words,” says the history major and aspiring graphic artist. “Within [that] word there are many other words, such as evolution, love and lover. Therefore, I was trying to bring the true essence of revolution, which is love.”

Galeana says his education at Dominguez Hills has helped him mature as an individual and an artist, even in areas as seemingly unrelated as art and history.

“The faculty in the [history] department has always sought out the best in their students,” he says.“Many of the themes I explore in my art come from topics discussed in class.”

Carlos Galeana: He Says He Wants a Revolution Galeana has always been inspired by his studies, having created short films after reading Julius Caesar and A Clockwork Orange in his classes at Belmont High School in Los Angeles. More recently, he designed posters for the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE) Tournées Festival of French Films, which is currently taking place on campus. He says his history professor, Dr. Laura Talamante, who organized the film festival, really encouraged his artistic talents.

“Film has always interested me in one form or another,” he says. “I felt this was an exciting opportunity that I couldn’t refuse. Dr. Talamante was a great help in providing clear direction and patience.”

Having created not only the festival’s main graphic but also a separate poster for each screening, Galeana says he drew inspiration from the films themselves, which portray the diverse perspectives of French colonization, as well as the many cultures and ethnicities that have made France their home.

“I tried to create a ‘welcoming’ quality for each movie, even though they had strong themes, such as racism and discrimination,” he says.

Galeana’s reason for becoming a history major stems from his passion for history, what is perhaps the main source of inspiration for his artwork.

“History is my favorite subject,” he says. “My high school teacher, John Lackner, made history come alive. Although I was never interested in teaching history, I felt that the major would stimulate me intellectually and help me gain a better understanding of the world.

“This field has always meant more than memorizing dates,” Galeana points out. “It’s about uncovering the human experience.”

- Joanie Harmon

Above: History major Carlos Galeana was inspired to create "Brasil" after reading the Jorge Amado novel, Tent of Miracles in a Latin American history class.

Courtesy of Carlos Galeana

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