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Gus Martin: New Writings on Terrorism and Homeland Security
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Caption BulletPhoto by Joanie Harmon

Gus Martin: New Writings on Terrorism and Homeland Security

The second edition of C. Augustus (Gus) Martin’s 2008 book “Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies” will be released next month by Sage Publications. The associate vice president of faculty affairs, Martin is the author of “Understanding Terrorism” (2006) and the forthcoming “Terrorism and Homeland Security,” to be released in July by Sage. He is also editing a second edition of the “Encyclopedia of Terrorism” which will be published in 2011.

Martin, an expert homeland security says that there is a heightened awareness of terrorism in the United States due to the events of 9/11 and subsequent incidents including the recent bombing attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day.

“We’re more aware of it,” he says. “There are bombings every week in Pakistan, India, places like that. Every now and then in other democracies, it happens. It’s part of our culture now and frankly, we’ve been luckier than a whole lot of other countries.”

Martin says that the upcoming “Encyclopedia” will include many new post 9/11 topics, including extraordinary rendition and the debate over the treatment of prisoners of war as criminal suspects or another classification of prisoner.

“We’re in a state of war, and it’s a different kind of war,” says Martin of the topic.

“Terrorism and Homeland Security” will include chapters on counterterrorism, domestic and overseas intelligence, and homeland security’s role in disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Martin says that the need for homeland security goes beyond airport screenings. He notes that in order to keep track of suspicious groups and organizations and to respond to terrorist activity, there are more links between local and federal law enforcement agencies.

“There is a shift from a law enforcement approach to a security approach to [addressing] extremism,” Martin says. “There are so many new threats.”

Martin received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and his juris doctorate from the Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh. A faculty member at CSU Dominguez Hills since 2001, Martin currently teaches a course on terrorism and extremism and has written and spoken extensively on issues of terrorism, fair housing and racial issues.

- Joanie Harmon


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