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Laura Robles, interim dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (at center left) and Brenda Blow, academic resource manager, College of Extended and International Education, were honored by President Mildred García
Faculty Staff News



Caption BulletLaura Robles, interim dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (at center left) and Brenda Blow, academic resource manager, College of Extended and International Education, were honored by President Mildred García and Provost Ron Vogel for 35 years of service; photo by GK

Annual Staff Awards Celebrate Service, Commitment to Students

Staff and administrators at California State University, Dominguez Hills were honored with an awards ceremony on July 15 in the Loker Student Union. Longtime employees from every department on campus were welcomed by President Mildred García, who noted that “No matter where you work, you are an educator here at Cal State Dominguez Hills.”

“You are all working to make sure our students have the best environment possible,” she said of the 104 employees who are eligible this year for recognition of their fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, or 35th anniversaries at CSU Dominguez Hills. “All of you should be proud that the jobs we have transform the lives of students every day. We thank you for serving as role models and for putting student success at the center of the mission of this institution.”

Many CSU Dominguez Hills staff and faculty are either current students or alumni, and can attest to the university’s tradition of accessible education and a nurturing learning environment. Maria Garcia-Barajas (Class of ’92, B.A., public administration/criminal justice) celebrates 20 years in various departments on campus including her current position as the coordinator of Telephone Services. She remembers how the university’s facilities have changed through the years.

“The most significant change was the cafeteria becoming the School of Education,” she says. “The old cafeteria was many people’s favorite hang out. It had the green room (lounge) with an open patio, a game room and cafeteria. We also had a pub and conference meeting room for club meetings.”

Garcia-Barajas is the advisor to the CSU Dominguez Hills chapter of Circle K International. She has been recognized as Advisor of the Year in 2005, 2008, and 2009.

“The Circle K Members have always felt comfortable coming to me for advice on both personal and educational issues,” she says. “I have read and given input on class papers and projects and written numerous letters of recommendation for awards, jobs and graduate school programs. These kids keep me young.”

Clifford Ruddick (Class of ’99, B.A., English), began working at CSU Dominguez in 1989. The accounts payable supervisor in Accounts Payable says that he was initially attracted to work at the university while a student assistant in Human Resources because of “the excitement of the student programs and the positive atmosphere.”

“I had previously felt like just a student number and not really a whole student when I attended UC Berkeley in the 1980s,” he says. “All the staff and faculty I spoke to about continuing my education here were so welcoming.”

Ruddick served as elections commissioner for Associated Students, Inc. when Guy Witherspoon, general manager, Associated Students, Inc. (Class of '91, B.S., computer information systems; '93, M.A., negotiation conflict management; '01, M.P.A.) was ASI president in 1989 and 1990.

“He won re-election by a landslide,” recalls Ruddick.

Along with watching the changes on campus - including the disappearance of a huge rabbit population with the building of the Loker Student Union – Ruddick says that he is proud of his contributions to the university’s daily operations.

“I feel I am a small cog in a much bigger wheel that makes the university work and by extension contributes and promotes the student educational process,” he says.

Tim McGuire, head athletic trainer, Toro Athletics (Class of ’97, B.A., physical education/teaching and athletic training, cum laude) began teaching in the kinesiology department in 2000 after working as an intern in the athletic training room for three years. He completed his 2,000 hour internship before taking the National Athletic Training Board of Certification exam and receiving his certification in 2001.

Like many residents in the South Bay, McGuire was attracted to the campus for its proximity to home. Like many students at CSU Dominguez Hills, he ended up finding the campus atmosphere to be so friendly and familial that he decided that he wanted to work here after graduation. He says that he has watched the campus’s potential grow over the years as it has expanded with facilities including Welch Hall, the expansion of the University Library, the Home Depot Center and Tennis Stadium, and the ADT Event Center.

“[There have been] so many positive changes,”says McGuire. “From the fall of the original 1984 Olympic Velodrome to the enormous beautification of the campus within, I have witnessed dirt lots becoming dynamic entertainment and education statements unparalleled by any CSU.”

McGuire began supervising the training room in 2008 and is proud to have taken part in propelling the Toro Men’s Soccer team to the NCAA championship that year.

“I’d like to think that I inspire both student-athletes and [pre-physical teaching/training] students to strive to be the best and continue their pursuit for higher knowledge,” he says.

The following staff members were honored at the event. For a gallery of photos from the Staff Service Awards, click here.

5 Years

Gilberto Ambriz, supervisor, Mail Services
Valarie Armstrong, cashier, Cashier’s Office
Alexandro Arreguin, building service engineer, Physical Plant
Maya Banda, administrative assistant, Academic Programs
Monica Barbosa, office clerk, California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Angela Barron, administrative assistant, Academic Programs
James Bersig, director, Administrative Information Systems/Common Management Systems
Jennifer Bleidistel, teacher aide, Infant Toddler Development Center
Frances Bosque, cashier, Cashier’s Office
Anthony Charles Cipriano, instructional support technician, biology, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Norina Clemente, payroll analyst, Payroll Services
Frank Colon, outreach officer, University Outreach and Information Services
Eric Estrada, accounting technician, Accounts Payable
Khristine Estrada-Vanta, graduation assistant/diplomas, Records and Registration
Griselda Gomez, academic personnel assistant, Academic Affairs Personnel Services
Dovie Harness , cashier coordinator analyst/supervisor, Cashier’s Office
Crystal Jackson, accounts payable specialist, Accounts Payable
Mitchell Maki, acting associate vice president, Academic Programs
Alphonso Mann, groundsworker, Physical Plant
Gerardo Martinez, groundsworker, Physical Plant
Michelle Matthews, counselor, Financial Aid
Alma Melena, advisor, School of Health and Human Services Student Services Center
April Mitchell, financial and human resource manager, College of Professional Studies
Sophia S. Momand M.D., staff physician, Student Health and Psychological Services
Margarita Narez, graduation evaluator, Records and Registration
Fred Ocampo, IT consultant, Office of Student Development
Kenneth Oden, groundsworker, Physical Plant
Nancy Phillips, administrative support coordinator, computer science, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Duke Pina, carpenter, Physical Plant
Marvin Ramirez, instructional support assistant, Orthotics and Prosthetics Program
Teresa Ramirez-Garcia, custodian, Physical Plant
Chanel Shorter , staff manager, School of Education Student Services Center
Jason Vogel, director, Center for Training & Development/OSHA Training Institute, College of Extended and International Education
Sheila Wallace, cashier, Cashier’s Office
Kameron Woody, police dispatcher, University Police

10 Years

Douglas Borcoman, instructional technology consultant, Instructional Technology Center
Deborah Douglas, office manager, Office of Student Development
Robert Downs, coordinator, Circulation Services, University Library
Zachaius Duchsherer, lead offset pressman, University Printing Services
Orson Faynor, environmental compliance specialist, Risk Management and Environmental Health and Occupational Safety (EHOS)
Andrea Giordano, student financial services specialist, Student Financial Systems
Bernadine Grayer, assistant to the vice president, University Advancement
Tracey Haney, administrative analyst specialist, Academic Programs
Hsinlo Liao, network administrator, Administrative Information Systems, IT
Henry Lopez, painter, Physical Plant
Penny MacKaig, accounting business analyst, Accounting Services
Lee Kelley Mann Broussard, administrative assistant, College of Business Administration and Public Policy
Ayesha Marcel, administrative operations coordinator, University Housing Services
Timothy McGuire, head athletic trainer, Toro Athletics
Cesar Mejia, technician, digital media arts, College of Arts and Humanities
Juan Mejia, computing consultant, Financial Aid
Christal Neal, specialist, Records & Registration
Carmen Orozco, teacher, Child Development Center
Peggy Ozaki, assistant director, Center for Learning and Academic Support Services
Tuyen (Jenny) Pham, accounting business analyst, General Accounting
Tak Yee Poon, university webmaster, Administrative Information Systems, IT
Daniel Routtenberg, facilities maintenance mechanic, University Housing Services
Andrew Scott, custodian, Physical Plant
Randy Sharp, senior director, Facilities Planning, Operations and Construction Management
Carole Shea, director, School of Nursing
Bennie Williams III, sergeant detective, University Police
Debra Yoklavich, academic associate, School of Health and Human Services

15 Years

Christina Baltazar, accounting technician, College of Extended and International Education
Kim Barras, administrative analyst, School of Education
Elena Bonilla, division secretary/office coordinator, Teacher Education, School of Education
Yuki DeSoto, systems analyst, Administrative Information Systems, IT
Adria Edwards, staff specialist, Human Resources
Patrick Guillen , director, Toro Athletics
Dolores Hendricks, coordinator, Plant Operations
Ernest Ikner, equipment specialist/technician, IT Help Desk
Joycelyn Jones, producer/program administrator, Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning
Michael Kinoshita, sergeant detective, University Police
Penny LaBaun, administrative coordinator, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Jaime Leal, assistant director, Loker Student Union
Kenneth Leyba, network analyst, Instructional Computing, IT
Jeffery Morrow, supervising building engineer, Physical Plant
Cymbeline Ponce, sergeant, University Police
Diana Ulloa, program associate, College of Extended and International Education

20 Years

Cynthia Brown, duplicating machine operator, University Printing Services
Karen Carpenter, credential analyst, School of Education Student Services Center
Timothy Chambers, maintenance mechanic, Physical Plant
Faye Clack, supervisor/library assistant, Inter-Library Loans, University Library
Cathy Crandall, administrative analyst, School of Nursing
Joseph Dehlinger, supervisor, Receiving and Shippping
Deidre Fisher, payroll technician, College of Extended and International Education
Beverly Francis, administrative support coordinator, Kinesiology and Recreation
Maria Garcia-Barajas, coordinator, Telephone Services
LaWanda Gutierrez, administrative support assistant, Circulation Services
Toni Haley, office coordinator, Records and Registration
Dorothy Jerzycke, high school office supervisor, California Academy of Mathematics and Sciences
Lan Lu , facilities and conference coordinator, University Housing Services
Clifford Ruddick, supervisor, Accounts Payable
Teresa Stevens, facilities coordinator and executive assistant to the dean, College of Extended and International Education
Lyda Stukes, administrative analyst/specialist, Procurement, Contracts, Logistical, Facilities Leasing, and Support Services

25 Years

Mario Congreve, staff producer, Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning, College of Extended and International Education
John Hearn, instructional support assistant, earth sciences, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Thomas Wood, facilities control specialist, Physical Plant

30 Years

Albert Carpenter, coordinator, Business Advisement and Student Services, College of Business Administration and Public Policy
Elizabeth P. B. Davis, coordinator, Student and Theses Services, University Library
Tony Jones, laborer, Physical Plant
Jacqueline McKenzie, extension registrar, College of Extended and International Education

35 Years

Brenda Blow, academic resource manager, College of Extended and International Education
Laura Robles, interim dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

- Joanie Harmon




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