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March 5, 2001
Contact: Tim Woodhull



California State University, Dominguez Hills, to present bold comedy about gender bias in raising children.

California State University, Dominguez Hills will perform "BOY," an original play that takes a farcical look at gender bias in raising children.

Directed by Bill DeLuca, professor of Theater Arts, the work by playwright Diana Son examines how we are raised and its impact on our behavior as boys and girls. “Boy” is the name of the central character, a girl raised as a boy.

When she discovers that she is a girl, she begins a journey of self-discovery, learning to accept herself as a whole person.

Presented by the Department of Theater Arts, the humorous but thought-provoking production will run from Thursday, March 9, to Sunday, March 18. Tickets are $10.

Further information about show times can be obtained by contacting the Department of Theater Arts at (310) 243-3588.