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Oct. 18, 2002
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California State University, Dominguez Hills Enrollment Soars
To Highest Level in University's History

More than 13,500 students begin classes as campus excitement grows in the Southland

Carson, Calif: - Enrollment at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) has reached 13,500 for the first time in the University's 42-year history, demonstrating a growing enthusiasm for this South Bay campus. The increase in the CSUDH student body means a substantial 5 percent growth rate from last year.

"Our increased numbers this year seem to suggest that Cal State Dominguez Hills is rapidly becoming a university of choice for many new students," said Steven Frieze, director of Institutional Research for CSUDH. "If this pattern holds true, we can expect to see a continued robust growth in new admissions for the spring, 2003 term and in the future as well."

Edd Whetmore, chair of the CSUDH Academic Senate and communications department said, "I think more incoming students are drawn to us because we offer quality education in a more intimate environment than other nearby institutions." University officials are looking to the construction of the $125-million Home Depot National Training Center as an attraction to sports-minded students from local and national high schools and community colleges.

Although the fall 2002 campus population is larger than anticipated, university officials said they are poised to accommodate the increased student body and to maintain excellence in academic programs. University officials said while the economy is in the midst of difficult economic times, they would not sacrifice a quality educational climate nor limit access to prospective students.

Cal State Dominguez Hills has long been recognized as having one of the most diverse student bodies of all universities in the United States. Currently, the campus boasts a student population approximately 35 percent Hispanic, 31.4 percent African American, 22.6 percent white, 10.4 percent Asian/Pacific Islander and 0.6 percent American Indian.

Complete detailed information on current and past enrollment statistics can be accessed by clicking on the following Internet hyperlink

California State University, Dominguez Hills takes pride in offering a 'World of Opportunity' to everyone who desires a quality higher education. Visit the university website at for complete information on campus curriculum and activities.

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