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Nov. 19, 2002
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California State University, Dominguez Hills' Students
Selected by CSU System to Study Abroad

CARSON, Calif. - Five outstanding students from California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) have been selected to study abroad by the California State University System (CSU) in academic year 2002-03 as part of the CSU's International Programs.

The following students: Young S. Yi, Liberal Studies (Downey); Michelle E. Gaston, Education (El Segundo); Trinidad K. Gonzalez, Liberal Studies (Long Beach); Justin J. Daza-Ritchie, Political Science (Los Angeles); and Duncan M. Barter, Liberal Studies (Redondo Beach) have been chosen to represent Cal State Dominguez Hills as they advance their academic curriculum in the foreign country of their choice.

"Probably one of the most rewarding experiences for the students studying abroad is the process of adapting to another culture," said Lyman Chaffee, PhD, director for the International Education Center at Cal State Dominguez Hills. "In an increasing globally interdependent world, students learn international adaptation skills, the ability to live in and function in another society. Once conquering their initial fears, students acquire enormous self-confidence. Moreover, having an international experience to place on one's resume, may for a number of students open up career opportunities, whether in the public or private field."

Dana Roson, assistant director for the CSU International Programs, said the opportunity to study abroad enhances each student's academic experience. "The CSU International Programs (IP) provides CSU students with an affordable way to experience life in another country while also pursuing CSU academic credit toward their degree," she said. "By studying abroad for a full academic year, students gain deeper insights into their academic fields of study, as well as the world around them."

Roson said, "Study abroad is for students who see beyond just earning a college degree. It's about enhancing their degree, which in turn enhances their future. These students realize the importance of understanding other cultures and languages and know that an international perspective is an invaluable skill."

Gonzalez and Gaston are studying at the University of Madrid in Spain, while Yi pursues studies in Korea at Yonsei University. Daza-Ritchie is experiencing the curriculum at Instituto Techológico de Monterey in Mexico, and Barter continues his studies at Waseda University in Japan.

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