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Nov. 26, 2002
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California State University, Dominguez Hills
To Hold "Hunger Kills" Banquet to Feed Needy Families

Banquet proceeds to feed the hungry at home and abroad

CARSON, Calif. - The Philosophy Department and Philosophy Club at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), will hold a special "Hunger Banquet" on Thursday, Dec. 5 between 2 - 4 p.m., in the Loker University Student Union. The banquet is being held to bring attention to the rate of hunger around the world.

Teaming with representatives from OXFAM, an international organization that fights hunger and poverty, CSU Dominguez Hills' faculty and staff are joining hands on this day to raise the level of awareness of everyday citizens to the global crisis of hunger and people in need.

"If we are to be a socially conscious campus, and a campus that strives to build connections from many cultures to many cultures, then the struggle for existence that is experienced by many people must be spotlighted," said Sara Waller, CSUDH professor of philosophy and faculty advisor for the Philosophy Club. "Often it is philosophy that keeps people hungry." She continued, "Belief systems have consequences that often separate people from food and adequate health care. Our philosophy club believes that it is also the role of philosophy to raise awareness and promote action. If we believe that all people should be empowered, then we must give all people hope for adequate resources for survival as a first step to that empowerment."

Waller said the OXFAM banquet serves a dual purpose of raising awareness about hunger while also raising funds to feed the hungry. She said participants at the banquet will experience first hand, a real-world process of watching the imbalanced distribution of wealth around the world.

"Everyone buys a ticket -for the banquet- but no one knows which country he or she will enter," Waller explained. "Once inside, participants may be seated in the United States, where a full dinner will be served, or they may be seated in a poorer country, where the fare will be meager but acceptable." Waller said participants will also watch a movie on food distribution and listen to speakers who will discuss hunger and present practical and philosophical solutions to the problem.

Tickets for the banquet are $12 for CSUDH faculty and staff and $9 for students. All proceeds from this banquet will be used to feed the hungry at local, national, and international locations. Please call Rich Henrich at (310) 748-6225 for more information on the banquet.

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