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October 5, 2005
DH 05 RH17
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CSUDH’s Sheila Butts: Elected to Represent All CSU Alumni Directors

Sheila Butts, director, Alumni Relations, was elected by the alumni relations directors of the 23 CSU system campuses to represent them with CSU Chancellor Charles Reed and the CSU Board of Trustees. In fact, Butts had her first meeting with Reed only three days after being elected.

As the directors’ representative, she is on the Alumni Council Executive Board, which also includes the council’s president and immediate past president, as well as the chairs of the Government Relations, Programs, and Finance and Development committees.

Butts says, “It is my responsibility to convey information, ideas and concerns between the Chancellor’s Office and the alumni relations directors, who represent the California State University system’s 2 million alumni. We have a lot of alumni.

“Meetings will be held in the Chancellor’s Office every other month, at the same time the Trustees meet. I will have sit-downs with Chancellor Reed to assess issues and I will be giving reports from the Alumni Council to the Trustees. I will also be helping to coordinate the efforts of the 23 campuses. For example, when the legislation affecting whether California State Universities could independently offer Doctor of Education degrees was being considered, we, the Alumni Council, mobilized many, many alums to support it. That legislation, SB724, was just signed into law by the governor.”

The director, who is a CSU alumna, says she will also be responsible for assessing the needs, concerns, issues, and ideas of the 23 campuses and setting an agenda for consideration, and she is the lead in making certain that whatever comes out of the Chancellor’s Office is conveyed clearly to the 23 campuses. “Also, if there are any questions that need to be answered, I’m the one who will get the answers,” she says.

Butts says she has an agenda of her own for her one-year term as the representative: “We have 23 campuses, but they are at different levels. Different sizes, different ages, differences in the types of students. I want us to share information on what makes campuses successful. I especially want to share information on what campuses that are most comparable to each other have done to make their alumni relations successful. We already have Best Practices meetings and I want to build on that.”

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