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November 16 , 2006
DH 06 JH87
Contact: Joanie Harmon-Whetmore
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CSU Dominguez Hills Hosts Training for Future Board of Education Evaluators

Carson, CA- The College of Education (COE) at CSU Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) was selected to host 72 potential national teacher education accreditation evaluators during the week of November 12-17, 2006.

Each year, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) selects a training site where new on-site evaluators receive training and conduct a mock accreditation visit. Upon successful completion of their training, the trainees will be qualified to conduct accreditation evaluations of schools of education across the nation, and will become part of NCATE's 600-member Board of Examiners.

CSUDH was awarded continuing accreditation by NCATE in spring of 2005. Reviewers noted COE's comprehensive assessment system, particularly the use of signature assessments in select courses. Also commended was the College’s use of technology in the data collection process. NCATE accreditation requires schools of education to gather data on the skills and professional dispositions of students in their programs. Historically, on-site teams must review a voluminous number of paper documents. CSUDH has streamlined the process and converted many of the most important documents into a well organized electronic 'exhibit room.'

Lynne Cook, Dean of the School of Education at CSU Dominguez Hills, says, “It is a pleasure for us to host NCATE’s training. It is just one more way our college contributes to improvements in P-12 education. NCATE’s performance-based
system of accreditation helps ensure that classroom teachers and other educators are competent and work to improve the education of all P-12 students. We are honored to be part of this process.”

The training of on-site evaluators for purposes of teacher education accreditation is a rigorous five-day process, beginning Sunday evening and ending on Friday. Two days are spent in the classroom, where leaders of the accrediting
agency and prominent teacher educators train the group in the application of NCATE professional standards for educator preparation.

The following day is spent on the campus of the host university, with trainees conducting a mock on-site visit. Trainees interview faculty, students, graduates, P-12 partners, and administrators to determine whether NCATE's standards have
been met. The fourth day is spent analyzing the mock visit and exchanging feedback with the host school of education. The final day summarizes the learning during the week.

NCATE Senior Vice President Donna Gollnick says, "Training and evaluating NCATE Board of Examiner members in the application of professional standards is at the heart of our professional accreditation process. CSU Dominguez Hills is playing a critical part in the professional accountability process this year.”

NCATE is recognized as a specialized accrediting body for teacher preparation in the United States by the U. S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and accredits 635 colleges of education that produce two-thirds of the nation's new teacher graduates annually.

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