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August 18, 2006
DH 06 RH54
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U.S. News College Rankings Released: CSUDH on List Again

Among universities that offer both B.A. and M.A. degrees, CSUDH is second highest in the West

Carson, CA—California State University Dominguez Hills retained its ranking by U.S. News & World Report as the second most diverse university in the West among those that offer both bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. Dominguez Hills has been ranked the No. 1 or No. 2 most diverse university in the West that offers master’s degrees since the mid-1990s.

U.S. News & World Report’s rankings were made public today. They included more 1,400 colleges and universities nationwide. Five universities that offered both bachelor’s and master’s degrees were named as the most diverse in the West, and three of them are within the California State University system. Coming in just behind Dominguez Hills were Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State East Bay.

“We take great pride that for the last decade we have been one of the most diverse universities in the West and in the nation,” President James E. Lyons, Sr. says. “We take pride in the fact that we serve many first-time college students—meaning the first in the family to go to college—at the undergraduate level, and part-time students at the graduate level.

“We play an important role in the economic health and development of the South Bay area. For example, many graduate students work full time and take classes part time to get advanced degrees and credentials. They are striving to increase their skills and education, which is a major factor in the area’s economic development.”

The university’s diversity has a tremendous impact on education at Dominguez Hills, as well, Lyons says: “Having people of all kinds from all over and from the full socioeconomic spectrum and all ages adding their strengths and perspectives makes the education here stronger, makes the educational experience here stronger.”

U.S. News works with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) in calculating the rankings. The ranking system, U.S. News says, rests on two pillars: It relies on quantitative measures that education experts have proposed as reliable indicators of academic quality, and it is based on U.S. News’ nonpartisan view of what matters in education.

Next, U.S. News and AACU gather data from each college for several indicators of academic excellence. Each factor is assigned a weight that reflects their judgment about how much a measure matters. Finally, the colleges in each category are ranked against their peers, based on their composite weighted score.

Most of the data comes from the colleges being considered. However. U.S. News reports, pains are taken to ensure the accuracy of the information.

The indicators used in assessing the data to capture academic quality fall into seven categories, according to U.S. News; assessment by administrators at peer institutions, retention of students, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, alumni giving, and, for national universities and liberal arts colleges graduation rate performance. Graduation rate performance is the difference between the proportion of students expected to graduate and the proportion that actually do. Within the data are “input indicators,” which include measures that reflect a school's student body, its faculty, and its financial resources, and “outcome measures” that signal how well the institution does its job of educating students.

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