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August 29, 2006
DH 06 RH60
Contact: Russ Hudson,
Media Relations Coordinator
(310) 243-2455/2001

Open Auditions September 5-6 for play based on
Carson’s history

Carson, CA—Open auditions for the show “A House Named Eden” will be held in the 450-seat University Theatre at Cal State Dominguez Hills September 5 and 6. Auditions for the show, which is based on research and on interviews done with a host of Carson residents, are open to the public.

“A House Named Eden” is set in what is now the South Bay and bridges the gap from when the area was the Rancho Dominguez to modern times when what was a 72,000-acre rancho is now several South Bay cities. A girl, Emily, is lost and looking for a safe place to live. In the course of her search for safety, she meets some magical helpful frogs, a young pastor who looks after her, and even the famous Manuel Dominguez who owned the rancho long ago.

The play was written by Jose Cruz Gonzalez and will be directed by Bill DeLuca, professor and chair of Theatre Arts.

Auditioners can come to the theatre any time between 7 and 9 p.m., either day. The theatre is on the east side of Toro Center Drive. It is across Toro Center Drive from parking lots 3 and 6. Toro Center Drive is most easily accessed from the Tamcliff Avenue-Toro Center Drive entrance from East Victoria Street. The university is at 1000 East Victoria Street, on the east side of Avalon Boulevard between the Gardena Freeway (91) and the San Diego Freeway (405). Parking permits are available in the yellow vending machines at the periphery of the lots.
Parts open for audition include:

PASTOR WILLIAMS: An African-American reverend in his late 60s, a wise leader of his community

YOUNG PASTOR WILLIAMS: His younger self during the 1960s, in his 20s, dedicated, but struggling with the effort to lead his people.

JAMIE: A young man helping Pastor Williams.

EMILY: A young Anglo girl, young but old (in terms of her life experience); she trusts people and wants to contribute, but she's been hurt.

MAN IN BLUE: Manuel Dominguez, the don of Rancho Dominguez from the 1850s, while in his 40s; a ranchero with a sense of humor; (image would be of Ricardo Montalban in a dark suit and silver-tipped walking cane).

LADY IN BLUE: Dominguez’s wife, Engracia, in her early 40s; classy, refined, but concerned.

MR. BURROWS: An American Gothic-type dad to Emily, a little on the mean side.

MRS. BURROWS: An American Gothic-type mom to Emily, has a dark silence.

MAN IN A COAT AND TIE: A biased real estate salesman.

MRS. WILLIAMS: Pastor Williams’ young wife in 1960s styles, but not a hippie; supportive, but protective of her own.

KAREN: Daughter of the Williams.

ACTORS (names, characters to be assigned): The production will involve a large company of community and student participants.

NATE: Young son of the Williams.

YOUNG MAN IN BLUE: Wants to marry one of the Dominguez girls.

EM: Emily in the 21st century, a community leader undoing the wrongs done to her;

MANUELA: A troubled teen.
For more information, call (310) 243-2400.

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