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March 27 , 2007
DH 07 JH44
Contact: Joanie Harmon-Whetmore
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Resolution Supporting the California State University (CSU)

Proposed by CSU Alumni Council By Executive Committee

Whereas, the California State University Alumni Council (CSUAC) is the representative body of the alumni of this great public university;

Whereas, more than 2 million CSU alumni in California have received quality education allowing them to earn substantial incomes, of which almost 30% is attributable to their CSU degrees;

Whereas, the CSU serves the people of California with over 55% of the student body reflective of our state’s rich diversity serving as noted by Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub as the “engine for ethnic mobility” in this state;

Whereas, the CSU provides the majority of the annual graduates prepared to serve in critical industries including, but not limited to, business, education, public safety, agriculture, engineering and computer science;

Whereas, the state of California benefits more than $4 for every $1 spent on the CSU;

Whereas, the hard working faculty and executives are experiencing compensation gaps ranging from 14% to 42%, respectively;

Whereas, the CSU has been negotiating in good faith for over 20 months to offer our faculty a salary offer of at least 22% and up to 27% increases, depending on additional state funding through 2009-10;

Whereas, the health care cost premium increases for 2007-08 totaling over $28 million are covered entirely by the CSU system rather than individual faculty members;

Whereas, the California Faculty Association (CFA) has rejected this offer and has now initiated a strike vote before the collective bargaining process has been completed by both parties;

Whereas, the CFA’s tactics are damaging to the reputation of all members of the CSU system, including alumni;

Whereas, the system and its campuses are almost completely dependent on state policymakers for the funding necessary to deliver on our mission under the Master Plan for Higher Education;

Whereas, redirecting any existing dollars within the proposed 2007-08 budget will result in reduced course sections, enrollment drops and negatively impact the quality of programs and services;

Whereas, the legislature and the Governor has within their power and authority to fund the CSU in a manner that will ensure that the university as a whole remains accessible, affordable and the highest quality;


RESOLVED: That the CSUAC is proud of the achievements of the system leaders and campuses, faculty and staff to serve students, prepare a well-trained workforce, and help create future leaders of this great state;

RESOLVED: That the CSUAC calls on the legislature and Governor to not only adopt the proposed 2007-08 budget with the full restoration of the $7 million cuts to academic preparation and outreach programs but also add critical investments in student support services, faculty and staff compensation, and financial aid;

RESOLVED: That the CSUAC condemns tactics being employed by CFA because they are negatively impacting the reputation of this great public university and that of its dedicated leadership, students and alumni;

RESOLVED: That the CSUAC urge the faculty, staff, executives, alumni and students work together to lobby the legislature and Governor on our budgetary needs and the impact of years of under funding will have on the economic
future of the state;

RESOLVED: That the CSUAC encourage all campus alumni associations to adopt a resolution in support of the system; and

RESOLVED: That the CSUAC make public the issues raised in this resolution in their day-to-day interaction in their community, within their campus alumni association, and with policymakers at each and every opportunity.

For adoption by CSU Alumni Council – March 18, 2007
Edited as adopted by CSUAC – March 18, 2007

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