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UWS Quick Tips

Two gears iconSome tips for editing UWS web template pages:

Always Include The Proper Page Titles

Correctly labeled page titles are important because they identify the page and display in window title bars, bookmark lists, breadcrumbs, and search results.

<title>Enter Intuitive Page Title Here</title>

Update Local Links to CSS

Ensure that all links to stylesheets are updated to point to your local .CSS file. By default, they are linked to the WAM site!

Body ID = Nav ID

Each page's body ID should match its corrospending menu nav ID. Body ID's will end with _page. This ensures that the current menu item locator will work properly.
body tag: <body class="fixed3A" id="level1_1_page">
left nav tag: <li id="level1_1"><a href="#">Level1_1</a>

Update Footer (Auto-Date Stamp)

The page's filename should be included in the footer code between the quotes immediately following <!--#flastmod file=. This will ensure that the last modified date/time will automatically be displayed in the page footer. The filename "pagename.shtml" is used in this example:
<!--#config timefmt="%A %B %d, %Y" -->Last updated <!--#flastmod file="pagename.shtml" -->, by <a href="mailto:@csudh.edu">Your name here</a>

No Relative Inlcude URLs

All urls used for includes must be absolute to work. For example:
<!--#include virtual="/wam/ssi/nav1.ssi" --> or
<!--#include virtual="http://www.csudh.edu/wam/ssi/nav1.ssi" -->

Do NOT use:
<!--#include virtual="../../wam/ssi/nav1.ssi" -->

Use class="noicon" to Override Auto-Icon Links

Any anchor tag linked to a document (ie. doc, pdf, ppt, xls, etc.) will automatically create an icon link next to the link. If you do not want this to appear, add class=”noicon” in the anchor link.

For example:
<a class="noicon" href="file.doc">

*If menu nav items link directly to a document, style them using this class also.


If you have difficulties using the UWS templates, have suggestions, or would like to report bugs, please contact the University Web Manager.