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Digital editing a graphicThe one defining principle that separates web graphics from all other graphics is the importance of file size. Web images have to be downloaded before they are viewed and so keeping the byte count as small as possible is paramount. The golden rule is that the image must add more to the viewer's experience than the download time detracts from it.

Graphics/Photo Tutorials Online

There is an abundance of websites that offer free web graphic and photo editing tutorials, tips, and discussions. We recomend that you search the Web and visit various resources to find the one that meets your individual learning style, preference, and needs.

The following tutorials are some of our favorites, and a good place to start:

Graphic/Photo Editing Online Video Training by Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a subscription based provider of educational materials for creative designers, instructors, students, and hobbyists. The subscription cost is approximately $25/month or $250/year. Videos are closed caption and may require QuickTime.

The video training course(s) below can be partially previewed prior to subscribing: